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I just want to let it all out. I don’t know what I’m feeling. I’m tired of keeping up this happy, smiley, cheery facade. I want someone to understand. I know half of my problems will be solved by tuesday, but i can’t wait that long. If I don’t let it out, i would end up dead. Or crazy. I’m scared. I’m SO scared. It’s kind of the fear that drives u mad, insane just by thinking about it. I’m not telling I didn’t have a good time. Because I did. It was awesome. But I’m scared if someone has seen us. I can’t imagine what would happen if my parents get to know. My only option is to kill myself. Because if that happens i don’t want to live. By comparison, of what kids do these days, it’s such a minor thing you would start laughing. Okay, i will tell you. Just imagine an extreme kiss. That’s all. No sex. Just an extreme kiss. Yet, i’m scared. And i miss him. I really do. I know he’s busy with classes but I really wish he would respond to my text. I’ve been waiting so long. I feel anxious, scared, sad, angry, hurt … Like i’m going to burst out any moment. My heart is aching. I feel so paranoid i want to scream. Please help me

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry you have all these feelings running through your head. They are annoying, and can be very stressful. Please just remember that it will get better. Accept these feelings and realize that they are normal. Good Luck .xx

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