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I need to get this out of my back. It’s a very common thing that happens to everyone every now and then but I’ve been feeling like crap about this for a while:

It started about six months ago. I saw a guy at school and I immediately blushed inside, he is very pretty. But I soon forgot about him because I was in love with someone else. Then it happened. I suddenly had to work with him (or it was with a group that he was in) and I started noticing him again. I knew he was a grade younger than me, that’s why I tried to avoid my feelings towards him. But they started to grow, even though we never talk to each other during this group-thingy. We made a lot of eye contact with each other, and once, he smiled at me during the slightly awkward moment of eye contact. I smiled back, of course but I quickly had to turn away because I was going to blush. After that moment I knew I liked him, which is very weird because I rarely know him. We were friends on Facebook and followed each other on Twitter and he started to like and favourite/retweet most of the things I posted. But one day he stopped liking my posts. But he always tries to peek and look for me whenever I’m around. He tries to make as much eye contact with me as possible. It’s true, I know it, and all of my friends have noticed this too. He smiled at me once after he stopped liking/favouriting/retweeting my posts. I really want to aproach to him at these moments, tell him how I feel and just kiss him. Please help.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, it is up to you at this point. But before you go up to him and declare your love for him and kiss his face, ask yourself,”Do I really love him or do I simply love the attention he gives me?” If you really do love him, mistakes and all, go for it! Just make sure that you are ready before diving head first with something like this. Good luck .xx

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