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Posted by on 2013/02/24 under Uncategorized

Music just makes me really happy. Especially the band Coldplay. They make me so happy and so calm. The lyrics of the songs really relate to me some days and other days i listen to the lyrics for just pure joy. I’ve never felt happier in my life than i do when i’m listening to Coldplay. I feel balanced. The music from Coldplay got me out of my depression and i could never be more thankful. I’ve never loved anything else more than (With the exception of my cat who passed this year) Coldplay’s music. Just needed to write this down somewhere.

One thought on “Coldplay got me out of my depression

  1. Sara says:

    You aren’t alone in feeling that way. Music can erase anything bad for a time…too bad it can’t fix all the problems of the world.

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