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I lie alot, and i cant stop lying its like a habit for me, and i cant stop it. My friend think that i have confidence and that im strong, and dont care what people think of me. But honestly i have never meet anyone like me. My bestfriend think that im very open, and can talk about everything! but that isn’t me, i hate me. Im like so open, at the same time not so opened. My friends thinks that im always happy, and stuff. I always lie to my friends when they ask me what im doing after school. But i dont like spending time with anyone. I like to sit in my room with my door locked. And write stories about life. My life is so miserable. And i feel so weak, because of my weight. im a bit overweight, but people always lie and say that im not fat. They really think im stupid. And everyone thinks that us “fat people” cant be smart, dress smart, or look smart. I really that people judge, but i judge. I just hate being me. I just talked with my bestfriend in a hour about how miserable she feels about her weight, and the worst thing is that shes one really skinny! And shes pretty as hell. But i dont get these people, they have everything that a boy wants, a pretty face, and skinny waist. I feel that i’ll never found my love. And i dont feel comfortable i dont know why, but something is missing. I dont know what is happening to me. Im so scared that i’ll be even more fat, and i have this disease that i get really obsessed with something … please anyone help me
obs. im only 13

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know how this can be hard. I’m not exactly fat, but all the people guess I weigh like 10 kilos less than I actually do. And I don’t correct them, I just let them think I’m as skinny. And my friend who weighs like 20 kilos less than me says something like “I’ve got to do some exercise, I’m so fat!” In fact, I think she should put some weight on.
    And I also lie about some things. I just… sort of want people to think I’m cool and clever and all that. I know I’m not, but sometimes I say I did something I didn’t, just to make them think I am.
    If you don’t want to lie about what you do after school, just do something else than sitting in your room. Do something you don’t have to be ashamed of, something you can tell your friends. Some time ago, I aslo lied about this topic. Then I made myself to actually do something and believe me or not, life is much better if you do something you like.
    I think you shouldn’t worry about being fat too much. One of my best friends is really fat and I don’t think she’s not smart. I admire her for her courage when she started doing athletics with me (she was always the last and yet she didn’t give up).
    Oh, and sorry if I made some writing mistake. I’m not from an english-speaking country, but I tried to do my best 🙂

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