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Posted by on 2013/02/22 under Uncategorized

when you’re on tumblr or twitter or facebook and you see some skinny, beautiful girl who has perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect body, perfect eyes and you just want to be her. You look in the mirror and you see yourself.
yeah i get this alot.

One thought on “do you just sit there and feel unattractive

  1. Anonymous says:

    And maybe there is someone out there who wants to be you. Remember that these girls on Tumblr, Twitter, etc, are not real. Sometimes photos are altered, fixed up, or simply edited. And even if these girls are real, you do not know them. They might have the worst personalities! My best advice is to be yourself. Even if you are stick thin with white teeth and long hair, people will get over you fast if you have no personality and are unhappy all the time. Be yourself and love who you are. People notice that, not some picture of a girl they don’t know on a website. .xx

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