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I f***ing hate my sister. She is twelve and acts as if she is twenty. She bosses people around, and is constantly rude. And she is breaking my family apart. She makes my mother and father so mad and no one knows how to control her. I can’t stand being around her. The whole thing is messed up. And I am sick and tired of having everyone mad at me just because they are mad at my sister. It puts me in a bad mood. I sometimes wish she was out of this house, out of my life. She ruins my day. When I am happy or having fun, that b**** has to put an end to it. I never ever want to see her again once I move out of this house. She is a very horrible person. And I do not love her.

One thought on “Get My Sister Away

  1. 20 is a big number says:

    Wow that sounds familiar. My sister was the same way when she was 12, heck, when she’s in a bad mood, she’s stil the same way. I don’t know why our sisters do this, I probably was the same way when I was her age. Perhaps she’s “ruining your fun” because she wants to be just like you? Sisters share a strange bond, we fight, we fight a lot, but on Christmas Eve, during thunderstorms, when someone dies, and when there’s a boy involved, Squirt and I are thick as theives. Just be a little open to her, she’s probably a little confused, and she’s certainly pushing her boundries. Put your foot down when you think she’s crossed a line, and don’t move that foot. Your parents need to take that lesson from you. There will be screaming matches, but your sister will thank you in the end.

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