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I havent really be in a relationship, ever sence i left high school i been busy with work and family, and honeslty i just dont know how i can even find someone i could be with, i mean, i know im not perfect so im not looking for someone perfect but i just feel like i just havent got a real chance to be on a relationship.. i meet people but always something happens, like for example i remember i know this girl, that i still talk to her but back then work and her schedule were conflicting all the time.. we couldnt see each other for a while and when i finaly got to see her it was only to find out she was dating someone. Ugggg i never got the time or never made the time to let her know what i feelt for her. still do but now its tooo deam late because as it turns out she got prego and about to get married.. that brings me to another point, i always saw myself in the furture with a family of my own.. but honestly.. as things going on my life, i will never have a family.

i just dont know what to do.. im not the type of guy you would find in a bar because its not my thing.. and idk.. oh well.. i gues my answere its that i was born to just be single and die single.. oh well i just have to suck it up and live life even if it sucks. no one said life would be deam easy anyways.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No you were not born to be single and I assure you that you will find someone. Remember that you have to love yourself before you can ever love someone else. Men look for women who treat themselves right so that they know the relationship will be strong. You will find the right guy without even looking. So enjoy life and smile, because you never know who is watching .xx

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