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so i asked this boythat i like and who i have known for a long time for his picture since i was thinking of drawing it for my art class he said sure but next day i asked him to wait for me so that i could take the picture at the end he didn’t show up(it was pretty cold that day)and said that he had something to do which was ok with me. the problem is that it seems that he does not want to,so i was thinking of writing him a short letter that says that he doesn’t have to take the pic anymore(I’m really bad at explaining myself when talking to others)so should i?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well i think you should talk to him face to face, so he can see you really wanna take that picture. because it will seem a little bit weird if you wrote to him. so talk to him, ask him, about if hes okay with it, then you can say after that, “please tell me the truth” or something it always works. Good luck xx.

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