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Posted by on 2013/02/12 under Uncategorized

I go to a public high school. I know, I know. But the reality is that everyone is in love at my school. I am never the one that boys love and it feels like I do so much for them you know? I am always the one that they use for homework answers or when they want gum. But they can never do anything nice for me. It really hurts. All I want is someone nice to love and treat me right. I do not understand why guys turn down someone nice and loyal like me and go for the hoes with big breasts and too much makeup. All they want is the “hot” girls and it just makes no sense to me. I do not want to sound desperate in any way because I am not. But I long for a high school boyfriend that I can kiss and be fun with for once. Because once high school ends, things get more serious and love cannot just be laid back or fun anymore. 🙁

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