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Without revealing your name, there is always someone out there that can actually detect what you do online. If it is in the office, during office hours, it’s legal to track what your employees do online using the company computer but it is a violation of privacy by spying anyone’s online activities especially you are using your own personal computer.

People likes to talk about trying to ensure that employees do not abuse the usage of computers but what about their rights when they are at home or outside using their own personal computer? Why can’t they just mind their own business and do something else which is more important than spying on others just like a stalker. And the best thing is gossip is discouraged and yet news spread around around like fire about others’ personal life.

And there is also a group of people who likes to make judgement of others as if they know what is the best for everybody. They can’t even take care of their own personal life and yet they want to interfere with others’ personal life. Making up stories is their best part of free time to chat about instead of discussing or doing other more important things that needs to be done.

As time goes by, I began to ignore almost everything and being deaf is better than listening. Furthermore none of the rumors are really true but just something people likes to talk about or just to see what my reactions would be to certain situation. The funny thing is they do not really know what I am thinking but making their own presumptions that I would be in a certain state if being place in a certain situation.

Everything seems getting a bit boring already. People who refused to growth will never see the need why it is necessary to carry certain task. Sigh!. The more this situation continue, the more they are going backward in life. Like the malay proverbs says, you can never lead the cow up the hill because it is too stubborn to listen. Best thing is just to let go and move on to another place.

Anonymous? Perhaps not to the network provider who can detect my IP address.

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