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i need to remember that this life is still worth living and that i can do it. i keep forgetting how much ive gone through, how much i lost, and how much i won. i have earned my stripes, i have walked the path set out before me and i have conquered many a foe in this life. sometimes i get weak and tired and just dont have the will to keep going… but its in those times that i realize i am a priceless work of art, a wonderful life, a human being created by God. a creation with great power dwelling inside a power known only to myself this power is unique to each one of us, its in all of us all we have to do is reach for it and it will be given to us, that is a promise. oh how we give up so easily, so ready to fail, why do we quit so early on in the race? because its hard! this s*** aint easy! it kicks your butt, sometimes you just need to sit down and take a rest, thats okay, this thing called life takes a lot of getting used to and a lot of energy. but DONT QUIT! just take a breather and get back in the fight, your going to win. it may not seem like it but its true, the war is already won, believe it. believe in yourself for Gods sake. all those lies in your head that wont shut up, are just that… lies. they arent true, no matter who says them or how real they feel, its not true. you CAN make it, and you ARE worth more than you can ever imagine. you were made special, very special, you are meant to touch peoples lives like nobody else can, you are a priceless work of art, you are a thing of beauty to the very core. i want you to know that YOU are LOVED! you are being fought for in this very moment, the battle for your heart has been raging since your birth. Welcome to life my dear, i want to tell you a secret about it, its worth living…. the dark times are very dark, they consume you and confuse you, ending you up in a hell that you dont know how to escape, its a f***ed up scary place, i meen HOLY S*** is it bad some times. but something ive learned during my dark and evil times is that there was ALWAYS a light shining somewhere during, i couldnt see it because i was so blinded by my own darkness but it was there, it IS there, right now, over your shoulder, watching over you, caring for you, making sure you only get what you can handle… i promise you, you can handle whatever this is you are going through, keep fighting, dont give up, never surrender to the darkness, you are worth more than you can possibly imagine and you are loved twice as much…. oh how you are loved… so dearly, i wish i could tell you, but that is a journey for your own soul to walk through… im a 19 year old guy that has no clue what the hell is going on in his life, im confused, im depressed, im scared, i feel helpless and hopeless… but i know that i can do this… i can keep fighting, i dont have to quit. even when i feel like the biggest piece of s*** douchebag on the f***ing planet, somewhere inside me, no matter how much i dont want to see it, is a light, shining so brightly, and it wants to come out, it wants to shine for the whole world to see and no matter where i run or what i do i KNOW that light is always there and will never go out. because i was created special, i was created for great things, i am made for love, to love, and to be loved. JUST LIKE YOU! so even though im walking with a blindfold on i can still see. even though i dont have my s*** together i am still loved… just like you

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