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I just hate being overweight i never get the attention from the boys, like other girls from my class. They think that curvy people, are som kind of a disease. I just hate being around people that judge. I was a slim girl when i was 10-12 but when my grandfather died, i started to eat because i was sad… And i couldn’t stop it. My mom and dad, didn’t notice, but when they saw me in shorts, or skirts, they said what have you done to yourself, like its wrong, they think i selfharm because i eat. How stupid can they be. But i cant wear clothes like other girls, i cant wear shorts, and skirts. I have tried to run, but always i forget to exercise, i dont have the motivation to exercise. I cry myself to sleep sometimes, because i feel wrong, stupid, ugly, and disgusting. I cant stand what other people think of fat people. I wish i had a killer body like beyoncĂ© or someone else. It’s really hard to go on dieting. So i’ve thought of go and just drink water i wont eat. And i didn’t eat all day, and in some kinda way, i feel happy. Not eaten anything. Just drinking water. But i know it can cost something bad to my body. Just dont know how to lose weight on the right way. Like people say exercise drink water, eat healthy. I cant! People haven’t tried it, they just speak, they never thought of how hard it could be on the person. I feel so hopeless, and i have nobody on my side… Help me, anyone.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry. People should not judge others on their weight. Instead of being skinny, I want you to concentrate on being healthy. Make small changes. Try to drink only water, or give up fast food. Accept that no one is perfect, and that it is ok to have imperfections. If you want to really change, all it takes is some motivation and confidence. And also… please eat. I know you are going to hate to hear this, but not eating causes you to gain more weight. So have small meals throughout the day, and do some sort of movement that you like! Even if it’s just dancing around in your room! I know that you are strong enough to change! Good Luck .xx

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