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heaven help people with control issues yet they want no disapplend they want you to respond they way they what you tooo they want the reaction from you they want accept people for who they are if you don’t like what they are for them selves then stay away I have learned that a lot of people pretend a lot they act like yall are cooland they enjoy your company come around a lot so you thinking yall are friends cause that’s how friends do but all the long they have no intentions of liking or respecting you they are up to something not good but you thinking yall friends because they all ways coming around yall don’t argue just chill laugh and have fun so you think remember they don’t like you for real how can you smile sleep at the person house eat their food bath at their house basically live with them and have no filling of friendship at all was all those laughs fake wow all those nights my children and myself was sleep with you in the house was you thinking of ways to hurt us remember you don’t like me forreal or so was you testing me to see if their was a chance that maybe we could be friends but I failed sad about that we could have been good friends look how much fun we was having and I did not even know I was being tested and even though we had buckets of fun you refuse to say we are friends and accept it and have fun and see were we go that’s what I am thinking but they have differents views of friendships I guess I have different views of how a real friend and friendship should be but every body is competing with some body in stead of being who they are or maybe that’s who they are then don’t fosafi your self say that I don’t like but I want to spend some time with you just because and at the end I am not going to like you either way but I want to spend time with you if that fits how you fill then say that don’t pretend to be a friend to me meet my family and friends and don’t mean me no good I respect your more for tell me the truth from the begging and gave me a choice because aleast you already told me so it’s not my actions you don’t like you never was going to give me a chance anyway no matter what I do people with control issues don’t like I think things they can’t control let it be you control things to much they break…….

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