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Posted by on 2013/02/07 under Uncategorized

Hi! My name is Luna. I am the smallest in my family and i am 13 years old. I felt very sad today. Me and my sister had into a fight, for no reason! I even cry, not in front of my sister. Well, here it goes. I was using my Internet on the stairs and my sister thought I was afraid of the dark upstairs so I stayed on the stairs. But I was not, I was just too tired of going upstairs and downstairs. So, I say: no, I was not, I am just too tired.” but still she did not believe, so she change subject. ‘then come eat dinner’ she yell at me. I say ‘I’m sorry, but I am eating noodles instead today.’ she got soooo mad, just like that and she went upstairs. What’s her problem anyway. Right? I just say I am going to eat noodles?! So I went into my room and think I started worrying because in a few days she is going to America for 4 years, you know collage. And I won’t see her a long time. And plus I had bought presents for her, already!!!! And even wrote a card to her. How can I do?! Please help me!

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