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I really like this guy and now he is moving cities. I am in highschool by the way. This guy was my coffee every morning. He was the only reason why I liked school I knew he would be there everyday. And he knows I like him, he knows I really like him. Mostly, because I thought this girl who I thought was my friend told him I did!!!! It has been 3 months that he has kniwn and nothing has changed. It s like as if my”friend” didnt say anything. None of this would ve happend if she hadnt said anything!Like many of you said you cant trust anyone anymore. Sadly this is what our world has come to! Anyways, a few days before he told me he was leaving Things were going great between us. I ACTUALLY THOUGHT WE MIGHT BE GOI G SOMEWHERE!! he would stare at me across the lab do his cute little wave and smile. Come up and talk to me. At the rally he was in the spot I would usually hang out at when there would be a rally but sadly I was helping running the thing but he waved and again smiled. But then he said he was moving:(( my fragile heart broke! I wanted to stay in contact with him so I gave him my # on a note I will miss you. The whole day in class he was talking about how he thinks no one will miss him. So I thought it would be appropriate to write that:) but has been three days and no text. I have to move on. That s what s hurting me the most. Once I get interested i you, im hooked on you for the longest time! Why didnt I get an answer on what he thought of me. I pretended that I didnt want one but I never wanted somethinng ao much from a guy.I WILL MISS YOU<3

I have some pretty great friends but about 3/4 of them are annoying! In junior high I was the girl who cared too much about other peoples thoughts. Now I say f u! I was talking with my mom earlier today and i told he r I really am not caring about other peiples thought. I FEEL LIKE I AM GETTING MEANER!! Im thinking in 10 years everyone will firget about me and no one will care aboyt me. So why bother caring about there opinions. My mom said it does matter you should always care because sime willremember and you dont know who but aomeone will and they will remember you as that rude kid in your 3rd period( or wherever ) .Idk I just want to have people stop taking advantage of me:/

I am ready for xolloge even though I am not even close to going:p I want to akip the highschool experience and move on with my life. But people tell me to stop and smell the roses:) I really dont have a choice!!:) might as well. Life is just so complicated that I caant even put it in words. But that s life:( that s everyone s far as I know.

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