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Posted by on 2013/02/03 under Uncategorized

Today I feel frustrated. I text my friend and pretty much told her to watch my boyfriend while he goes to Vegas. The previous week I found out that he slept with his daughters mom and now she maybe pregnant. I was frustrated and have been trying to hide all the feelings I feel. So I mentioned to my friend that i wouldn’t be going on the vegas trip because I wanted to spend time by myself. I also told her in confidence hoping that she wouldn’t tell anyone else the text I wrote her. In the end she went on to tell all our girlfriends everything so now at the trip the girls are being short with jeremiah. So i get a phone call saying what did i say to them..the whole thing just blew up in my face if anyone feels stupid its me. lessoned learned to never share my feelings with others that I dont really know. People can’t be trusted I feel betrayed because I was talking to her in secret and what I was saying was a joke. I am frustrated because I feel like a fool. I hate feeling like a fool it just hurts inside because everytime I say anything it gets
taken out of context. I feel like I can’t trust anyone. i dont want to say or do anything. I want a new set of friends. idk maybe a newe boyfriend uggh im just so frustrated. But i know no one is perfect however I feel embarrased right now.

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