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At the moment my life seems to be falling apart. I decided get get a house with my bestfriend of 6 years for college and it was all going great until i messed everthing up by bringing a few friends back to our house 1 evening we wers kinda drunk and really disrespected her and ruined our friendship we have talked in over 4 months and i miss her like crazy she is the one person at the moment i really feel i could talk to as in the last three month i have lost my nan, a close family friend and a gran uncle to cancer and its been really hard i just feel so alone. I dont know what to do anymore. There is also this guy that i really like and he says he like me but i dont know do i trust him.What am i suppost to do?? 🙁 🙁

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been there, I know how hard it is. Apologize! If you were wrong, you were wrong. If you’re sincere, and your friendship is true, then all will be forgiven. Especially when she realizes how much you need her.
    When you find a bond like that, protect it with everything, because nothing is more valuable.

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