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two years ago I met a Guy, threw out time I started falling in love with him. He told me he felt the same way for me, but there was a problem he had his girlfriend. But you know when you in love you don’t care about anything. Me and him spend time together, they were unforgettable memories moments with him. but it came a time that people would tell me that he would talk s*** about me and I don’t know what. I would get mad at him but then ill always forgave him. I always did anything for that guy because I truly love him. Then there was a time I was thinking & telling my self this is NOT me :/ I don’t get into people relationship cause I know I wouldn’t want no one getting into my relationship. so I told him you know what I don’t want to see you or talk to you no more, he told me I accept & respect your decision. Ever since that day I cry day & night, it was really hard letting him go. But if he truly love me he would of done something not to let me go but he didn’t do none that. :/ All I wish him is happiness & hope his girlfriend makes him happy now that I couldn’t.

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