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I know this probably doesn’t mean anything but I just want to write this put somewhere . I know no one cares about it really . But I don’t mind . I’ll just start off with this . I’m in 7th grade . Yeah . What stupid problems would a 13 yr old have ? Her boyfriend broke up with her ? Nahh . But it’s probably just as stupid and pointless to rant about . Oh well . For the past 3 or 4 years , I have been called emo and goth . I don’t understand why . Last year , a kid told me that I cut myself . Or that I probably do . I didn’t cut myself . This year , he said the same thing again . It didn’t really bother me that much . I ignored it . I have only two legit friends . They are amazing . Always there for me . Well if I want them to know . A couple months ago , i was bending wire around being bored . I tried to make a ring or circle thing out of it . I failed . How lame am I ? I bent it flat sorta , with a point at the end where I cut the wire . I was irritated that day because of my sister and made scratches onto my wrists . Not anything deep or scaring . It lasted a couple of days . The marks would fade . I keep doing it over and over . At school I get these stupid names called at me . I just hate it . I feel like my own sister hates me . The marks I make just remind me that I’m alive even if its temporary . People judge me when thy don’t know me . If they knew me , I’m talkative , weird , awkward , and hungry a lot too . I’m done with my stupid rant now .

One thought on “It Just Hurts

  1. Lanna says:

    Stop. Every time you need a reminder that you are a live, put your hand to your heart. If it hurts, even a little bit, don’t. If it doesn’t hurt, don’t. I’m not saying stop because your getting called names–every one gets called bad names. I’m saying stop because I don’t know you but I care. Your smart. Look at the words you used! Rant? Legit? My little brother is thirteen and the only thing he’s good at is farting and playing video games. Don’t make that kid that calls you a cutter right. Prove him wrong. People are programmed to judge when they are afraid to get to know you. But when your young nobody ever tells you that when you grow up people will love you for what other people hated you for. Or the a******s keep hating you. Either way, whether its two or one, people love you. Even your siter, she only acts like she hates you because she knows in her heart she loves you and its NOT just because your related. In fact, if anything were to happen to you I beg she would be the first one crying like NOOOOOO!!!! LOL seriously. (Don’t get any dangerous ideas though.) Just try not to get consumed in the stupid kids and focus on having fun with the people you enjoy and who enjoy you back. So when you get old you look back and instead of remembering being called a cutter you remember when your friend spit milk out of their nose or something cool like that (:

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