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There is this person I really miss. We started talking about aybe two years ago. We told each other everything. It made me so happy that there could be someone that I could tell anything in the world. But soon this person got tired of me. Little by little I realized that I was just a crutch and would be thrown away soon. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I just imagined talking to this person this whole entire time: how could two people just stop talking to each other?
Maybe I was using him as a crutch instead.
Sometimes I would tell myself that I loved him, not the friend ship kind of love.
I really don’t know if I loved him or I was in love with the thought of being in love. I wish I was in love, so I could finally understand what it is like. I wish I could love someone else and be loved back.
I wish we could still be friends. But we will probably never talk to each other again. And that’s what hurts the most. Is being so close that you can understand what that person is probably thinking and then just having no connection.
I get so angry when I see him in public places,
the internet,
conversation from other friends,
I get so angry.
Everyone else is good enough but I am not?
F*** you.
I wish I could say. But that would solve nothing.
I’m not
enough for you?
But you go around dating trash, girls who have four times the amount of problems I have.
They are better than me?
I listen to all your love problems.
I sit patient at the side waiting for you to notice.
And once you do, you leave.
Not even good enough to consider, am I?
Maybe I really am better off without you.

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