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Posted by on 2013/01/18 under Uncategorized

I seriously couldn’t care less about what people may think of me..I currently have a real bad attitude, but that’s only if you stick ur nose in MY F***ING BUSINESS! I can be nice only to people I don’t know..I give them the benefit of the doubt..but, if i meet you and ur a jackass WHY IN HELL SHOULD I BE NICE TO YOU!? I dont care if u think i should change..i would fight with you but, if u TRY CHANGING ME AGAINST MY WILL IT’LL PISS ME OFF! Im a really happy person with my love ones but i dont let anyone else close to my heart anymore..and if i have to die alone bcuz i wont let it happen then ill die alone…i was brought to earth alone and if i have to leave alone then i f***ing will. I dont believe in love anymore…it hurts as f*** and its not worth it


  1. Andrew says:

    you should start trying to meet someone at least just ONE person who makes u happy and who likes you for who u r attitude or no attitude 🙂 id sure be glad to give u my seems we could understand each other

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is very sad. For all I know you may be an awesome girl that deserves to have someone by their side to support you.

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