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So my dad just left on a big business trip last night. My parents are happily married but we got a very nice job offer in a state across the country. I’m very close to my dad so I was very sad to see him leave… I fight a lot with my mom, I love her to death but sometimes I cant stand her. She is definitely under a lot of pressure and I’m trying to be as helpful as I can but my patience is beginning to run low. I have a lot of pressure too, with three older brothers who aren’t doing to well right now and a little sister who looks up to me I feel like everybody is waiting for me to make a wrong decision. I actually love my life here. My friends, my town, my world is based on the fact I live here. I’m in the 8th grade and things are looking up for me. I have lots of friends. I do clubs, sport, talent shows. I get straight As. I have an amazing future… but that future is here. I don’t want to move. I love my friends, my school, my family. The places we go for the beach. The nature. The history. I just cant imagine making my life over again. I miss my dad. I want to watch Tv with him and tell jokes. I want to go skiing with him. Or go play pickle in the back yard. I want to have long talks and listen to him tell me that he loves me. Today was the first day that he has been gone, and listen to me. I don’t know what to wish for. This job offer exactly what my family needs economically. But if we leave Ill never be the same. I just guess I will have to see where life takes us but I could really use a dad… if he ever saw this I wonder what he would say.

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