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I just want to give my children a nice and happy life they have been watching me struggle for years being a single mom I had my first child at a very young age I didn’t know about being a mom I just new I have someone that I have to take care of and try and keep safe and her dad left me when she was two years old and then he would b**** if I called him for some help then I was blessed to have another baby and he had to come out of pampers at the age of one because I did not always have pampers for him and the guy I thought was his dad b****ed when I called him for help some I pot trained my son with the help of my daughter and we tried to make it on our own we moved and then I thought that things would be okay now because we got away from negative people plus I thought we would have a little money now because were we move to we didn’t have to pay rent but no the bills was taking all our money and the stores was taking all our foodstamps and it was not even enough food to last through the month because food prices are so high and my mom helped some times but then she talked about helping and made us fill bad for needing her help I just want to give Brittney and jerard some happiness because we don’t know how long we are going to be here and I have been trying to achive that for us for a long time well I have been trying to get some happiness within my life every since I was little and then when GOD blessed me with children I new I had to do any and every thing that I can to take care of them and I give them love I give them respect I give them all that I have and then some but I don’t have money to take care of them the way I want to my daughter is working trying to take care of her self and she be so tired some times it hurts me and my son is in school trying to make good grades but I don’t have the money to buy him school clothes or shoes or coats or any thing his dad and my mom helps to buy things for him but wow I have been trying to take care of them for a long time I just hurts when your children needs some thing and you can’t get it for them and you try so hard so I try to shower them with all the love I have inside of me I try to inspire them I try my best to give them words of encourgements and much more I just pray that GOD see all my efforts to take care of every body including Brittney and jerard and they help me and my spirit and soul because some time when things start going crazy and I fills alone they say love you mom and that helps but I am continueing to believe that one day GOD is going to see us trying to take care of each other and help us

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  1. ash says:

    to love your children is the best you can give them god hears us when we pray to him and he knows what we need just always look for him. look for jesus more every day and learn about him for he will never fail us some times we needed to get closer to him

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