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Posted by on 2013/01/17 under Uncategorized

I’m going crazy and no one seems to care. I’m heading downward, but apparently outwardly I’m the exactly the same. Insanity is claiming me, and I just wonder if maybe it’s because of my partial fame. I’ve played the drug money game for far to long, and now I see it here while writing this desperate song of mine. My teachers say they can’t see anything happening to me, they notice not the jumps or stuns I pull just to leave this place. To get my space. I need space from humanity, and lately none are willing to give it to me. The one I once loved, I left and now he wants to care act like he’s glad that I”m there. I don’t understand it, and boggles my mind. My reputation is one of somebody rather unkind. Freedom falling, and even as I giggle I can see the nearing end of me. The emotions trapped within my diary splattered on the concrete for all to see.

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