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i mean when i was 14 i got raped by a friend of one of my exes. . .it really affected my love life. i was a virgin and someone just took that from me.. i tried fighting back of course but im very skinny and i wasnt working out back then so he got a way with it. i never told my mom or anyone in my family…i only told my best friend when i was 15 and she insisted i told the police…but to me it seemed useless since it had been over a year that it happened. okay the point of this is that i am truly in love with my current boyfriend. we have been together for 3 years. im 18 and i still havent had sex with anyone after that happened. i really want to be with him but i really want him to know what happened to me. every time i think about telling him it just makes me think that if we have sex after i tell him that he will feel uncomfortable and maybe that screws up our relationship and i dont want our relationship to fall apart..WHAT DO I DO?! do i just forget that ever happened to me and just have sex and not tell him anything never??

2 thoughts on “should i just have sex with him no matter what my past is??

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would tell him. Because sex is with the person you love. And love is trust. And this is something that you can’t just throw under the rug and hide away because eventually… he will find out. And I think it is the strong thing to do. Just tell him and say that you want to be completely open with things. If he cannot accept your past and be able to move on with you, maybe he is not the kind of guy to have sex with. But.. also remember that it is your decision. That was simply my opinion. Good Luck .xx

  2. Rachel says:

    Thank you very much :/ (im the writer) Ill just do that and cross my fingers he doesnt leave me.

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