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you held my finger in your little hand an would not let go i cried for you. you asked me to teach you how to tie your shoes an the next day you did them all on your own i cried for you. you had a bad dream at night an wouldnt leave my side an slept there till morning i cried for you. you asked me why your dadddy didnt want you i explained the besti could why he wasnt around i cried for you. you were scared your first day of school an wanted to go back home with me i cried for you. the other girls made fun of you on day in junior high you came home an asked me why they are like that i cried for you. your boy friend in high school broke up with you for no reason an you asked me why are boys so mean i cried for you. you got married an had two great kids an a lving husband i cried for you. i got sick an went to the hospital an never came back an thought of what this was going to do to you so dont cry cause ive already cried for you…ETW

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