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When I first met you. I remember seeing you and seeing that sparkle in your eyes. I remember looking at you and asking what your name was. what beautiful name it was.. When we first sat down and I bought you a warm meal and you looked at me and thanked me… I didn’t think i’d see you again… you left without me even getting a number or anything. Two years passed and as I slowly walk into StarBucks I see you sitting there sipping on some tea. I just couldn’t believe my eyes that it was you. My Mississippi girl :). I came up to her and sat right in front of her with this smile on my face. That’s when she looked up and saw me.. She looked at me and smirked 🙂 and as I sat there I told her i’m not losing you again. She smiled and said don’t worry you wont. As we drank coffee we talked for hours she even came over and moved in with me months later. There was nothing that could make me happier, until the fighting started. I could see that she had dark secrets that she couldn’t tell me. I could see her pain and it would hurt me so much that she wouldn’t tell me. We had so many memories I still remember her secret spot at the park overseeing the lake. I remember never telling her that I loved her and that is something I regret to this day. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t get my heart out to tell her. We would sing to each other our song. And I can still remember every word to it. Right now tears are forming around my eyes as I sing our song. I try to hold back the tears but I can’t I wish I could just change all the stuff I did to cause this pain to you.. but I can’t no more and I just wish you could. I’m sorry for what I did.. I didn’t mean to cheat on you.. You would just cause me so much heart ache with all the cheating and drinking you would do behind my back. Right now as I cry over you I wish you could just see that I truly love you. Why did you have to drive drunk… It was my fault that i didn’t pick up the phone when you needed me… and now i’m laying here with you all I could do is cry and hope that you can hear me as I lay on your grave. I left the red rose you gave me on your grave I still have it and I still have the white one too. As I get down on my knees I place both roses on top of your grave. I will never forget you and I hope you know that I always Loved you…

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