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I am lost and confused I am lonely but I am happy ….. I left an emotionally abusive relationship of 15 years after finally realizing that I deserve better. I found a man who is amazing and treats me like a queen. Him and I are very happy together but I just feel like I;m doing something wrong all the time. In september he got a promotion at work and promptly told me to quit my job as it was making me very unhappy and I didn’t have any time to spend with my 4 kids. So I did but now we like so many other families are struggling not making it from pay day to pay day and I feel like it is my fault he isn’t blaming me because he isn the one that told me to quit but I feel like it is. I am looking for a job but with a not so reliable vehicle and having custody of my two girls (my boys live with their father) I am limited to the hours I can work. I am at a lost for words he is blaming himself for the situation and lately its been affecting our relationship. We both left bad realationships and found each other but I am so mad that the one time I finally listened to him has now put us into a bad situation. I hope and I pray that we can get through this its getting harder and harder but I love him. I have no friends and stay at home all the time I clean cook and take care of everything for our family but sometimes it feels like it’s just not enough. My ultimate dream is to go back to school an do photography it is my passion and I am really good at it but I am afraid that I will never be able to because of the situation we are in…. What do I do ??? I will continue to loook for a job to help my family but I don’t want him to give up hope because I know deep down that everything happens for a reason and that we will get through this and our landscape will be full of mountains, hills, holes and other things that will make it beautiful because we will have made it through together… It is just gettting to that point…

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