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growing up is a big step, its well worth it. Being a kid you see things in a perspective that most people put in the uneducated fileing cabnet of peoples views. But as a grown up you have an pinion you can shout, you can open that file and throw it in the worlds face. the older you get the wiser you become because of the problems in life you wouldnt of faced as a child. every year youre alive you learn a new way of life. you learn that love is something you have to work at, that it doesnt come easy. that nothing gets handed to you on a silver plater. youre on your own. you make mistakes and you learn. you learn as you age. life is short, you never know when its your turn for the pearly gates to open to you. so if you sit and think, crying over spilled milk is waisting precious space for laughter and happy memories. fighting is a waist of your precious time so pick your fights wisly. cause you wont ever get that time back. show your love, your care, your joy as much as posible before it your time.

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