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Hello Everyone:

first off Thank You for taking some time to read a piece of my mind. Anyone who shares a thought that is exactly what they are doing giving a piece of their mind and giving it to the one listening. Right now at this time I am around many different strangers with different problems and needs. It takes a special few to take the time to stop and not just oversee the problem but actually help. An older man sits across from me frustrated and flustered. He is too proud to ask for help, and a younger man who sits at my side sees this action. He smiles and pauses from his computer to offer his help. The older man smiles and accepts his help. Now a days a simple act of offering help is harder for people to do. So many are taught that to only look out for themselves and that’s it. Seeing decency and kindness in action brings hope to people like myself. I am alone in this world, with only my children at my side. At this time that I am searching for simple acts of kindness to help me gain my family back. It is looking practically impossible but I guess it’s not too bad because kindness is around and can be found if the right person stops to offer it.

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