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For the past 4 years I have been single. Prior to that I was in a seven year relationship that started out wonderful and ended badly, just like all my other ones. I just cant seem to stay in a relationship so I choose to remain single. The problem with that is I just sit home every night all alone and watch TV or surf the web. I scared to try another realationship for fear that it will end badly. The problem with all of this is that I am very lonely. I dont work anymore because I did have a very good job which allowed me to retire at an early age, I dont have to work if I dont want to. Some might see this as a blessing but to me its just more lonliness. I even bought a new car thinking it would make me happy but it didnt. I think very soon Im just going to load up my car and head out for parts unknown, just drive during the day and stay wherever I end up for that day. I think this will take my mind away from everything.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ok…since you quit your job…why dont you participate in any charity groups…no kidding…these things can be relly will definatly meet new people and make new can also try going to a always keeps me busy..Try new things too !…maybe yoga..why not ?…maybe learn to play the guitar or even the is soo much fun outthere..instead of buying material can use the money to travel abroad..and meet new people…say yes to life and enjoy it as long as you can !

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