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donta lamont f***ing Wallace what to say about you we had such fun until you ruined it I am not holding on to that but every time I think of you and smile then the image of you spitting in my face pops up first you don’t do that to anybody and I told you that that day and I tried my best to beat the f***ing s*** out of you but the police came so but that day remembers you and reminds me quite often yeah I got love for you but you keep pissing me off and thinking that’s okay when it’s not and we not f***ing each other and I don’t see you but talk to you on occasion yeah the talk be good but then you through your baby mother in my face after you told me to my face that she did not want you or maybe you lied because you wanted some head and deon you have become fake one thing I did not ever think about you I always took you at your word because your words were always good and delivered every time you said but since we have not been around each other in years and when we talked I believed you and you lied to me so I don’t know how I fill anymore about you and Rodney you take advantage of me because well I don’t know why but you do you make me angry and you don’t care about my filling at freaking all but to all yall I got so much love and respect for yall because all the time we were together we had more fun together than fighting each other or arguing plus I like a lot of the talks we shared with each other and to every boy that I had dealing with I remember everything we went through yeah I was hurt because yall picked other girls over me because I loved yall and want our relationships to work but hay we love and we learn but I hope yall have the same filling and if I cheated on any one that did not mean that I did not love you things just happen sometimes and I think if I cheated I must have been filling some type of way well I apologize for that and for yall that cheated on me all you had to do is tell me you wanted someone else and we could have just been friends you do your thing and I do mine but through it all I had a lot of fun and big jerard i apologize for what happen but I told you from the start that Rodney could be the father but I kinda thought that maybe you was so I hope that you can be friends with us plus I was good to you I did not ever disrespect you or your house but yeah hope I get to be around male compangships againg if not we had fun and I love all yall or I got love for all yall even the dudes that lied on me and told lies about me I don’t have to say your names you know who you are

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