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There is this guy in my english class who I am not interested in at all. He sits right behind the guy I like. I am going to call the guy I like “N” and the guy I don’t like “E” Anyway, E says inappropriate things to me and I really don’t like him but I have to be nice and talk to him. Today after english, N comes up and asks if anyone had asked me to the dance yet. I said no. And then N said that E was going to ask me! N knows that I do not like E. At all. I just wish N would ask me first so E won’t. But I don’t know how to throw that out there in the open air. And then there is this other kid, J, who says I am too good for E because E is a jerk and he does not want me to make out with E. I am so lost. Why are boys so confusing and dumb? And how do I get E to stop talking to me?

3 thoughts on “LOST

  1. Anonymous says:

    i believe, tell E the truth. Boys, we don’t know when to stop

  2. obrohl9 says:

    go for J hahah

  3. ayluV says:

    Tell E straight up, that you don’t like him and that you don’t want anything from him.

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