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A lot of my friends have given up on dating and I think they have the right idea. I’ve been officially single for a couple of years now, during those 2 years I dated a guy seriously off and on but we never made it official, which wasn’t okay, or had sex, which was okay. Now I’m dating a few guys and I’m so helplessly into each one of them that it hurts. I’m defeated by the fact that none of them will live up to what I’ve built in my head. I’m terrified that I’m such a loser that I’ll end up pushing them away and will be really hurt.

Jesus, I’m a headcase.

2 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. Anonymous says:

    One day things will just work out with love. It is confusing, and I agree, it is a headache. But I promise that one day you will find someone and you just won’t think about “pushing them away” or breaking up. You will just want to be with them, all the time. And that my friend is the perfect person for you. Ok? So don’t worry about the things on the side.

  2. realness says:

    your friends are going to be miserable, hell who wants to be 60 years old and alone with no one to share your thoughts and life journey with ?!? People think they have the solution but in reality they don’t, majority of you women have a tendency to keep choosing the same type of man just in different individuals. Remember what you want isn’t always what you need and that’s goes for dating as well, some of the things you want are some of the things that you don’t need in a man. Why don’t you try stepping out the box and try something that you need and not what you want. I bet all of your dates have been different individuals but all them carried the same attributes as the ones before. TRY SOMETHING YOU NEED !!

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