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Posted by on 2010/12/09 under Uncategorized

Sometimes I wish I could sink into a material – like a fabric or a cloth. Providing you’re never sat on….imagine how comfortable that would be. Lovely, soft wool or something….
I wonder what the washing machine would feel like?
I’d be a dark blue material of some kind…almost black. I still think there’s maybe a little colour in me…somewhere. You just have to look harder than the surface sometimes.

Of course eventually a monster would come along and spill something on me, leaving me stained and never quite the same again. People would try to fix it…but to no avail, of course. They’d not have the right chemicals to rid me of the cordial that monster was so damn clumbsy with. I thought it sweet at first, but everything spoils in the end.

But perhaps by chance one fine day, someone would come along with the correct chemicals and cleanse me from the inside out of past mistakes, of past stains made by those too damn selfish to bend down and clean it up themselves before it got worse.
I’d be happy again, my dark blue self near-glowing with the emotion I’d not otherwise be able to express as a material.

But then again maybe I’d just be a lifeless piece of material to begin with, sat laying someplace rotten.

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