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In 2008 I felt sad in 2012 I felt sadder in just 4 years I felt that my life is going over people don’t know how I fell they just care what they feel they talk and talk about how they felt when they passed away but when you say something they judge you what want to say how you fell what you think and what you care but when that happens they don’t understand they just judge everything you say or do is wrong everything you feel is wrong they don’t care they just think of their feel they never asked you are you okay but now they talk and talk but they never take actions they don’t know how I feel they don’t know the pain I feel they don’t know how hart broken I feel but every day every morning and every night you have to smile because you do care about them not like them they only talk and if you say something is stupid but if they say something is poor them their left without a dad uncle and son poor them they never feel for the children having to see a dad get shot and a dad with cancer only the parent poor poor them never caring about the pain she or he feel never hearing again how proud I am for you or how much I love you the the attentions are for the moms what are they going to do they could find another love but we can’t find another dad

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