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I have fallen in love with a family friend. He is a senior is high school, while I am only a Sophomore. We have known each other for a very long time. All of a sudden, I am starting to see him as more than a friend. The thing is, he has a girlfriend. He is looking at colleges to attend. He wants to study abroad. He has this whole life planned out. A life that I probably won’t be involved in. He probably doesn’t have any feelings for me. But tonight when we talked, it felt so right. So comfortable. I can just be myself around him. And we take funny pictures together and tonight before he left my family party, he hugged me tight and kissed my cheek. I know he has a girlfriend that he loves very much. But I cannot help the feeling of falling for him. My entire family loves him. They say he is smart, cute, and very funny. And they tell me they want me to date someone like that. But he is the only one. The only boy that I feel okay around. I want to be with him so bad but I know he is moving on soon and will have no time for the little highschool girl.

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