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I feel like I am standing at the lowest end of a mountain and looking up at everyone that is already reaching the peak. They have all conqeured the mountain and already moving on to the next obstacles now, but there I am, still dragging on…

So… I met one of them today. I panicked. What would they say when they see me? Would they start asking questions? Like “Why are you still there? What are you doing now?” How am I going to answer? What am I going to say? I can’t stand all straight and force a smile. I can’t tell them with my usual look that I am still there. Still stranded there and even worse, I have gone down and back on the rough grounds.

Its like my last shred of dignity is gone if I tell them the truth. I can’t let them take it away from me can I? I can’t make myself lie to them as well. No paper can hold fire… Once the fire burnt through the filmsy paper, all truth would be out… And wouldn’t that be worse?

One thought on “Think Too Much?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know it’s hard to tell the truth a lot of times because of fear or shame or whatever.. But trust me it is the best way! It doesn’t matter where you are standing in life, you’re there for a reason and you should be able to show that to everybody.

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