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What’s wrong with me? What did I do…What did I do to make myself this way? Why? Was I born like this? Did I do something wrong? Just why? Can anyone tell me why?

2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its not you, its the way you imagine life should be.

  2. Walle says:

    a therapist can tell you why down to the logical scientific and biological explained reason why you and the rest of us are the way we are. screwed up. we are all screwed up. mom and dad made me screwed up. my molester screwed me up. the kids at school screwed me up. my teachers who neglected to tell my parents that i was bi polar and depressed or anxious all the time are at fault for me being screwed up. military school screwed me up. the military screwed me up. war screwed me up. falling in love and screwing that up royally for being screwed up screwed me up. being irresponsible for being screwed up screwed up all my relationships both professional and personal screwed up my screwed up life. welcome to the screwed up club where misery loves company. we have matching t shirts for everyone and russian roulette on sundays to avoid monday. There will be pizza and punch. see you on the flip side.

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