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I think I’m waiting for the day when I meet someone I can tell everything to, the day I’ll reveal myself to someone special. The person I can trust. Someone I can tell all my secrets, thoughts, feelings, and ideas to. Someone who’ll still like me for me after that, too. Someone who’ll love me. I’m waiting for the day when I meet someone who won’t let me just push them away. I’m waiting for someone who will care for me and cry for me, someone who doesn’t want to see me hurt; and shows it. Someone who’ll notice when I’m depressed and hug me and say, “Everything is going to be alright.” Just someone who would do anything to make me happy. And I’d do the same for them. I’ll be able to share interests with that person and they’ll discuss those things for hours with me. We’ll be silly together but at the same time completely serious. We’ll act out stories we write, and have so much in common. Of course, we’ll disagree a lot, but that won’t get in the way of our happiness. We won’t let it. We’ll fight to be happy. I’m waiting for the day when I meet my other half, my soul-mate, without even knowing it. I’ll wait forever for this day and I’ll be happy when it finally comes. Whether I’m 15 or 50; I’ll die waiting for the day I meet my one true best friend.

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