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I feel invisible. No one even cares about me. And I feel like if I died, no one would even feel sad. I have tried reaching out to people. But no one really pays attention. Everyone likes each other, and I am the one left out. I do not have a best friend. I never did and I do not know what that even feels like. To have someone there for you. I have to cry all alone every single night. I am always there for people. But they use me. And people lie to me, and cheat on me. I am seventeen years old and I have never been kissed. Boys do not even talk to me. My family says that I am so pretty and they wonder why I am such a loner. But they just do not understand. I feel like I blend into the walls. I am so nice to everyone, and get zero in return. Do you even know how hard that is?

One thought on “I Am No One

  1. Anonymous says:

    honestly I feel the same way you do. except my family shuns me to no extent

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