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In highschool, I had a very hard time finding a date. I wanted the most beautiful, handsome boy out there. I am not sure why still to this day, that I thought I needed a handsome boyfriend to make life better. I dated all of these jerks who were very attractive, but so crude and boring. After getting out of high school, I met Eli. Eli lost one of his legs in a ski accident. He wasn’t very attractive to my friends or family. But he made me feel like no other. Beautiful, perfect, special. He made me feel like I was his world. He treated me so nice. We have been married for three years now, Eli and I. And he is the perfect husband for me. I am not afraid to be myself with him, and I can tell him everything. So, remember this when you are trying to find love: The perfect person for you does not have to be on the football team with huge muscles and a flawless face. Your true love just needs to treat you right. Looks are not everything.

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