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It’s funny that I’m so attracted to you when you’re only 17. Not that I’m that much older, but still it’s weird.
You’re so sexy and you don’t even know it. You try so hard to flirt with me, but you give yourself away by turning red and having this dreamy look whenever you see me. Its the cutest thing. You’re always striking up conversations, brushing up against me when there’s plenty of space to get around me, coming up to bus a table that I’m almost done with. I’ll be getting stuff off the floor, bent over the seat of the booth and when I come back up You just seem to appear out of nowhere. You asked me to get a flour hand print off your back from somebody in the kitchen slapping you. There was like 30 other people working that you could have asked. I know you just wanted me to touch you haha. Your body is just amazing. Idk if you work out or what, but you’re just perfect. I can see you stare at my ass in the reflection of the window when I’m walking out of the kitchen. In 6 months, when you’re 18, you can do whatever you want with my ass.

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