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Posted by on 2012/12/13 under Uncategorized

Why do you feel you have to lie to impress me? It’s really an unfair advantage, and you take away my choice to want to be with the real you. If you’re an alcoholic, jobless, homeless, carless, or anything else just tell me, before I fall for your good qualities. It hurts to find out your guy is just a sham with major problems. I shouldn’t have to lower my standards because you want to sleep with me. And it hurts even more to feel like an idiot who didn’t know you were an alcoholic for the first month of dating because your tolerance is so high I can’t even tell you’re drunk. Or its the 5th date and you still haven’t picked me up, you just want to “meet” somewhere again. Completely hiding the fact that you lost your license and won’t be getting it back for a year. I thought you were just nice by walking me to my car. In reality, you walk everywhere! What is the point??? I can never trust you. Trying to impress me with lies isn’t flattering. I’m so sick of being lied to all the time, and attracting these losers. I used to make excuses like everyone makes mistakes, he’s just going through a hard time…but now I see that some people are just losers. I’ve given enough chances to know that they don’t change even when they want to and have nothing to offer. Background checks on everyone I date from now on.

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