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Ugghhh i HATE drama. I tell people i don’t hate (another thing she copied from me) but this is something I HATE. I am fine with it if the drama doesn’t involve me but when it DOES… i just wanna leave this place. Ive had drama around me ever since like Kindergarten!! You may think you were just in Kindergarten but trust me thats when it alll started. But i don’t feel like talking about my past drama I was in. I wanna talk about my Freshman year drama that I thought would never happen. I guess i really am not who i think i am? I have no clue who I am. I say I am nice but am I really? I feel mean! And i don’t like that feeling. I know what I say can hurt people so why do I do it? Oh wait I know why. Its because during that time and place I just either wanna get it out because I tell myself I will feel better. Or I just want to sound cool. (BIG mistake) No that I think about it I am such a screw up. I want to be like my mom soooo badly! But i don’t think anybody really know how hard it is. I feel like my past thinks i am supposed act and be like my mom. But really I am not. She was kind, nice, loving, and just plain AMAZING. I have no other words to describe her because I just know in my head what I think she is and I just can’t write it… (can’t really spell or have good vocabulary) What i am trying to say about her is that I REALLY MISS HER! 🙁 I feel as if my life would be completely different with her good or bad. I just want to get the slightest glimpse of what it would look like. Maybe it might help me out right now telling to stop being depressed and enjoy what I have or just cry because I see how wonderful life would be with her. My whole blog or whatever you call this got totally off topic but i really don’t care because as I write I can tell I am putting things together in my mind.

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