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Posted by on 2012/12/04 under Uncategorized

I am a pretty fearless woman who has been through a ton of struggles in her life. I grew up without a mother and pretty much raised myself and my two younger sisters because my dad was always working. Now, years later, I am even more alone. I am a single woman living in New York and it is completely my fault. Because I am afraid to fall in love. I feel like I always get my heart broken. My last very serious boyfriend was a doctor who left me for some girl in New Jersey. I was heart broken and still cannot move on even though the break up was four months ago. A few very handsome men have asked me out on dates but I always decline because I feel like the same thing will happen all over again. I just want to find a man who I can trust, and someone I can commit to. I am 30 years old and need someone that treats me right.

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