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My life is a mess and I am so confused about everything that is happening. I feel as though I am living someone else’s life. I look in the mirror and wonder what happened to me. I used to be so care free and now I am lost in my own life. I don’t know where along the line I lost myself. I used to have so many dreams that all went to waste. I used to have so many friends and now not a soul calls me. The only time I am happy is when I am alone in my bed with no worries but then when I wake, all the issues start again. I do not know how to cure my unhappiness. My goals are so far away and now unattainable. My friends moved on and I don’t want to try and fit into their new group. How can I be happy? I just want to love myself and the people around me but I find that so difficult

One thought on “I Am Not Happy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Going through almost the same thing! All you want is to be happy, doesn’t matter with who or what. You’ll get there. Don’t give up on your dreams and hopes. Make them your goal and live by them. That way you’re working for something you like everyday. Keep on living life the best you can, because the moment in your life where you’re feeling alone or you don’t have many friends that’s when you’re the strongest. You learn to be independent. Life will get easier(:

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