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Posted by on 2010/12/09 under Uncategorized

I need you. Give me strength. I feel lost and alone without you like half of me is missing. My friends can’t replace you or even come close. I have only 3 anyway, one of whom is a horrible person who uses me (and everyone else) and is always trying to bring me down. I need you to be able to laugh about it with.. Without you I sink right down and feel like s*** just like this awful person wants me to. If you were here I would have a sense of belonging. I belong with you. Right now I’m just lonely and confused and sad all the time. I’m more unhappy than I was before I met you. The only way I could be happy without you is if you were gone for so long that I convinced myself I was waiting for something (for you to return). I would maybe be able to feel happiness once in a while, but I would always be feeling like I was expecting something. Like I was waiting for something, all the time. I feel like that enough already and it sucks. I just need you and I need your help, your hand to hold mine, your protection, safety, your guidance, your strength. I need the peace and calmness and wholeness I feel when I’m in your arms, that I can’t ever feel when I’m alone.
Now I remember how it feels to wish someone would hug me and care about me; how I used to always feel, before I knew of your love. I never had to wish that when you were around, because I knew there was someone who DID care about me and WOULD hug me! I didn’t need to wish for these things, the only things that I ever have truly longed for!
I want to stop being sad. Come back please.

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