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I want God to guide Jelly into his will. If it be Gods will.

I haven't seen her in a long time but I am starting to crave her.

Her skin was the softest I've ever touched and felt.

Satin Island?

It is killing me to remember how it was but it is an illusion, no?

I hope God can get God out of these ways of being because I can't put up with the feind any longer. He is too powerful for a weak force like Me.

Please help God. I am too exhausted to find more words. I just need the willingness and the surrender enough to let go and let matter. Please get me out of the way God. If I don't get gotten out of the way of, I feel like I might never.

Help God get God out of way way.

I am powerless over the feind and life has become unmanageable. It is no longer my life, it is Gods life. I am getting out of His way for good.

Silently Anonymous,

-The Archer

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I’m confused.

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