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i fell so good to day because i ran a jog o thon but 16 of them

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  1. Dfhrt says:

    level is the means by which matter cmniumocates its state of momentum to other matter; this communication therefore takes place in one Planck moment. (cf van Flandern vs Carlip on The Speed of Gravity ) * There is little if any exchange of energy between matter at this level; the exchange is of information; the impulsive effort arises within fermions or the fermion-like processes inside nucleons and mesons * The mass of a particle is the interaction of the binding forces within nucleons and said level; likewise the inertia, momentum and gravitational transception. Strong Nuclear and Gravitation are different sides of the same coin. * Current art indicates that the gravitational field has two components; one static component related to quantity of mass and another dynamic component related to its velocity. As v increases, the intensity of this dynamic component also increases * At speeds much higher than those which we usually encounter in astronomy the dynamic component becomes very significant * Newton’s inanimate brute matter does not exist; matter is at its core incredibly active and it is this internal activity which may provide an important missing ingredient in our understanding of nature.To recap: It is the arrangement of spinning nuclear components which provides the acceleration associated with gravitation; the mass fields provide information about how much mass there is, where it is right now and its state of motion via a holographic structured field. I tend to favour the smoke ring toroidal model of fermions; a pressure gradient arises as a result of the poloidal rotation of a point of high energy density. Identifying the source of this energy lies somewhere in the future, if it should be identified at all. But that doesn’t matter right now In a single-proton universe said nuclear components possess zero momentum and no preferred alignment within a hypothetical 3D sphere, the surface of which is traced out by the toroidal axes of rotation of the fermion-like processes within the proton; as we accelerate our proton to the speed of light this sphere becomes first oblate then tends towards circular in a plane orthogonal to the direction of travel as the proton nears c. In other words,these posited toroidal axes are restricted into two cones which are parallel to the direction of travel; the angle subtended by these cones is inversely proportional to vInertia can be described as the external energy or impulse required to restrict or change the degree of freedom of the fermions within our proton; when this external energy is removed the proton will not relax back into its original state but will persist in its new state of motion until another impulse is applied to it. For a brief moment we experience this change of momentum as a resistance.It is therefore possible that we can engineer matter itself in such a way that it * moves without the need for a reaction motor; the action/reaction takes place at the fermion-spacetime interface * no longer responds as strongly to external gravitational fields; it has its own state of inertia which we can modify to provide rotation and translation as we wishBut that’s just me. Sadly I am a duffer at mathematics (slyly comparing myself to Einstein there : ) so no equations to support my wild hypothesis.I must take a look at Verlinde. I also think Frank Znidarsic may have some truths to add, although some of the popularizations contain a glaring error in the simple math which calculates the mechanical-acoustic transmission speed within a nucleus.If anyone can convincingly rip this hypothesis to bits I will be relieved, if anything. Have at it : )

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